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  1. Turns on or: I like to accept compliments, gifts, vibrations, surprises, to see you often and for a long time..I like to do: communicate a lot: gently, sincerely, intelligently, sexually, depraved. Enjoy. To help. Inspire. Obey.I dance a lot. Tease.To excite. Admire. I love: everyone.Almost:)I love men, myself, my body, my feminine nature. Adore: corsets, stockings, heels, lace and silk
  2. Not : Don't like...My God, this is a difficult question..Well, of course, the obvious - disrespect, rudeness, short privates :).From the non-obvious: when I'm stupid..It doesn't happen often, but if you encounter oddities in me, then it's not me, it's my shadow side.She is stupid, makes mistakes, remembers nothing, gets tired, sad, offended.And I'm not :), I can't.I am always at the highest level!
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