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  1. Turns on or: Touch my angel halo when I'm as sweet as your favorite candy and kiss my devil horns when I'm taking you for a ride in sin. Talk dirty to me when you're between my legs, ready to please me the hardest. Take me to places I 've never been, show me things I've never seen, tell me words I've never been told ; amaze me and I'll be the enchantress that was wandering your mind.
  2. Not : Lack of respect is always a turn off for me. Treat this teasingly sexy mademoiselle right and she'll take care of your dreams and wishes. Of course not being true to whom you really are will make me lose my interest in you. But I'm sure that once you'll realize I'm that unique girl that blows your mind and gives you pleasure goosebumps, you'd want to turn me on by doing what I like.
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